Daphne, the masterpiece in our Memoirs From Greece collection captures Greek life, culture, and mythology in one necklace. Named after the famous Greek laurels, this neckpiece symbolises equality in Greek culture. Layers of crochet laurel leaves, hand drilled baroque pearls, and an ocean opal pendant add majesty to our Daphne. While the piece might look delicate, it is designed to be sturdy. Straight out of a Greek mythology book, Daphne captures the beauty of her namesake. An ocean opal pendant casted in brass with brass casted gold leaves, glimpses through the curtain of crochet laurels to add an additional layer of divinity to the piece. 


Zari yarn, brass pendant, baroque pearls and cotton yarn


Every Maya product is individually crafted, and one of a kind.
Variations between the website image and the product you receive is to be expected.
We encourage you to embrace the nuances of the handcrafting process.