The art of halara is one the most revered aspects of Greek life. It means to take it easy. Drawing inspiration from this laid back lifestyle, we created Halara, the perfect beach accessory. Sun in your eyes, wind in your hair, sand under your feet, Halara around your neck. Always be beach ready with our Halara necklace that’s easy to travel with and whose diverse colours match with everything! Made with twisted silk, semi precious stones like agate and a centerpiece made in the shape of a flower. In our usually busy lives, we all need to take a minute to slow down and enjoy the moment. Embrace the easy life with our Halara.


Brass pendants, Art silk yarn and zari yarn


Every Maya product is individually crafted, and one of a kind.
Variations between the website image and the product you receive is to be expected.
We encourage you to embrace the nuances of the handcrafting process.