Laurel – a symbol of Greek nobility, achievement, triumph. Inspired by this embodiment of Greek culture and mythology, we created our Laurels necklace.  A collection honoring Greece cannot be complete with an ode to the Laurels. This elegant necklace is an easy piece, no fuss no muss! Made for all types of tastes, our laurel makes a statement without saying too much.  Crochet green leaves in the shape of Laurels hand from a gold chain. Brass casted laurels are then over layed to add an element of drama to the piece. With a sort of quiet elegance, this piece can elevate any outfit.


Cotton yarn and brass pendants


Every Maya product is individually crafted, and one of a kind.
Variations between the website image and the product you receive is to be expected.
We encourage you to embrace the nuances of the handcrafting process.