The Mayabazaar Niche

Mayabazaar has carved its niche in the world of handcrafted jewellery and accessories by

‘Reviving a dying craftforms’

Mayabazaar works with grass root level artisans who had given up their tradition of charakkam or handknotting to work as migrant labourers in Mumbai. Infusing their craft with modern designs and unique ideas, Mayabazaar continues to create individual pieces of jewellery and accessories.

Supporting craft communities

As the rural agriculture economy collapses many craftspeople are forced to migrate to the cities in search of livelihoods. Mayabazaar works with these migrant workers – re-honing their almost-forgotten skills in handknotting and offers the necessary support like design intervention, product development and marketing aid to come up with a sustainable model to face challenges that threaten the extinction of their craft. We also sensitize and educate buyers and consumers to the idiosyncrasies of the handicraft industry and to celebrate imperfections.

At Mayabazaar we encourage employment of women and provide support in health, education, savings, family planning and relationship counselling to our craftspeople.

Protecting Gaia

Continuing the traditional Indian handicraft legacy of a negligible carbon footprint, we prioritise the use of natural, nontoxic, renewable materials and processes that protect the earth.

Brand Maya

Maya jewellery and accessories are for the woman with a story to tell. The Maya range includes collections painstakingly handcrafted and designed with semiprecious stones, metals, vegetable dyed silk and cotton yarn and uncut stones. Each detail is carefully incorporated to create stunning designs that make a statement. 24 colour options are available in each style. Each collection is unique in its inspiration, reflecting a new season, celebrating festivals and most importantly womanhood in all its manifestations.

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